Toilet Leak Repair

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We realise that having a fully functional toilet is important for both commercial and domestic properties so we provide an emergency plumber to your door 24 hours 7 days a week Did you know that as much as fifty thousand gallons of water can be wasted each year by an undetected toilet tank leak?

It makes economic and environmental sense to occasionally check the toilets around your home. The top three reasons for a leaky toilet are:

  • Parts installed over five years
  • Prolonged exposure to bleach in-tank cleaners
  • Visible rust or warping

Other Toilet Problems

  • Bowl Drains Slowly
  • Water Runs Nonstop
  • Bowl Leaks
  • Bowl Overflows
  • The Seat Is Loose
  • Tank Vibrates When It Fills

Whatever your toilet bowl problems, 24 Emergency Plumbing; has the expertise and tools to fix any toilet repair you may have in  your home.

If you are looking for a East London plumber and are in need of toilet repairs, please call us today at or send a e-mail.
Do You Have A Rocking Toilet? A properly installed toilet should not move at all. If either the tank or the bowl or both move at all, you will probably eventually develop a leak and/or damage the toilet, toilet flange and possibly the surrounding tile floor, drywall, floor joists, or ceiling below. Toilets that rock can develop leaks at the base of the toilet which you may or may not be able to detect. It’s better if water seeps out onto the floor because at least you will know you have a problem but it doesn’t always do that. Very often a leak can go undetected for a long time as it runs out through the floor at the point that the toilet drain pipe penetrates the floor. If this happens it can cause a lot of damage to anything it comes in contact with such as wood or drywall. Also a toilet that moves places greater stress on the toilet flange as well as the toilet itself. The toilet flange is a special fitting that helps seal the toilet drain and anchor the toilet to the floor. MANY toilet flanges have been broken by rocking toilets. Once a toilet is found to be moving around it should be removed, the flange should be thoroughly inspected, and the toilet should then be properly resealed and reset. If you have questions about your toilet(s) don’t wait until you develop a much larger problem, call us today!  

Do you have a blocked toilet or does your toilet not flush properly? Call us and we’ll soon get it working again. Further we are happy to give you some free tips and advice. Please don’t forget some times this can be dangerous job so if you have a doubt CALL US.

Sometimes through daily usage a toilet becomes blocked and will not flush properly. This occurs because the effluent in the u-trap of the toilet exceeds the water weight used in a typical flush. With the debris caught in the toilet’s u-trap, each time the toilet is flushed the bowl fills with water often times overflowing onto the bathroom floor. This blockage can be pushed through the u-trap allowing the toilet to cycle completely with the help of a Toilet Plunger.

A Toilet Plunger forces water, which does not compress against the blockage. The water then pushes the blockage through the u-trap of the toilet allowing the water to flow freely. Most blockages can be passed using a Toilet Plunger. Toilet Auger If the blockage is unable to be passed with a Toilet Plunger then another option that can be used is an Auger or what is commonly called a Plumbers Snake.

An Auger sends a spring coil through the entire u-trap of the toilet down to about 3 feet, a length that should break up any blockages located inside the toilet.